Make Your Own Presidential Ad!

Want to be President?  Well, you can at least make your own commercial!  Try it out here:

Presidential Campaign Ad-o-matic

You can definitely grab your students attention, or have them make their own as the beginning to a writing prompt.  During the process students will need to upload their pictures, choose their political party, and choose the items in their platform.  Very fun!

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  1. This is such a great suggestion! My grade level has been looking for some great ideas to use with our students for the election. I really like how this is so easy for students to relate to, since they are constantly seeing the advertising commercials on tv. The students will have a lot of fun writing their speech too. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I also love this idea. I’ve been thinking about how I haven’t hear much about the election in classes this year compared to 4 years ago. I know that it was a very historic election then so teachers were motivated to teach about it but this year it seems to be in the back of our minds. It isn’t too late to do something like this and you can have a discussion about the difference between negative and positive adds. I would love to hear what 4th and 5th graders think about this election.

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