Inserting Pics into ActivStudio from a File

There are many ways to add picture files to a Flipchart.  This is useful if you have taken pictures with a document camera, scanner, or digital camera and would like to then use them in your flipchart.

To view a full-size version of this screencast, click here.  You’ll probably want to do this…it’s small here!

Method 1: Click and Drag Between Folders:

  • Open the folder where the pictures are located.
  • Open a blank flipchart
  • Size the windows so you can see both of them.
  • Click and drag from the image from the File Window to FlipChart.
  • Choose “Add Object”

Method 2: Drop the file directly into the My Images folder

  1. Drop directly into My Documents>ActivStudio 3>My Images
  2. Open Up ActivStudio
  3. You will see the file in your resource folder under My Resource Library.

Method 3: Insert the File from Design Mode

  1. Turn on Design Mode while in ActivStudio
  2. Go to Insert>Image>From File
  3. Navigate to the file and click on it.
  4. Make sure to turn off Design Mode when you are done.

Method 4: Click and Drag Between Word and a Flipchart:

  • Open the Word Document.
  • Open a blank flipchart
  • Size the windows so you can see both of them.
  • Click and drag from file windoWord Doc to FlipChart.
  • Choose “Drop Image”

Method 5: Snap a Picture with the Camera Tool

  1. Open a ActivStudio
  2. Minimize the FlipChart
  3. Find the image on your computer
  4. Click the camera icon>Area
  5. Choose the area you want to save
  6. Choose the first icon “To Current Flipchart Page”

With all but Method 2, you may want to drag the folder over to your Resource Library if you plan on using it more than once.

Office Picture Manager will help you edit your pictures before you insert them into a flipchart.  You can find it by going to Start>Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Office Tools>Microsoft Office Picture Manage.  If you allow it to be your default picture editor, it will open picture files anytime you double click on them.

To learn more about the functions of Picture Manager, download this handout.

There are more ways to add images…these are just my favorite.  You don’t have to use all of the methods, just pick one that’s comfortable to you and stick with it.  If you want to share another way to add images, please comment below! :)

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