McGlothlin Award Nomination Call

apple2Do you know a wonderful teacher who deserves recognition?  What about a chance to travel and bring “the world” back to their classroom?  If so, please consider nominating this teacher for the McGlothlin Award.  This Award is one of the largest monetary awards in the country ($25,000,  $10,000 of which must be spent on international travel), provided by the very generous McGlothlin foundation.  Their goal is to recognize teachers for their hard work, reward them, and inspire others to enter the teaching profession.  It is open to full-time elementary or secondary teachers of core curriculum areas within the Blue Ridge PBS broadcast area.  To check to see if your division is eligible, look here.  Teachers must have five years experience and plan to continue teaching in the years to come.

This year they are opening nominations to the public and asking that all entry materials be sent electronically, to
The following elements should be sent no later than November 6, 2009:

Resume or curriculum vitae that lists the nominee’s
• education history
• employment history
• continuing professional development
• awards/honors
• conference or other presentations
• volunteer service to the community

Three letters of recommendation, forwarded from the authors.  (Suggested sources: principals, supervisors, parents, colleagues, current or former students.)

Nominees must provide a personal statement about their teaching (limit is two (2) typewritten pages) that demonstrates how they fulfill the criteria of the McGlothlin Awards. Please include the answers to these important points:
• How do you bring the world to your classroom?
• Where would you choose to spend $10,000 of your award for international travel?

Click here if you’d like more information about nominating someone you know!

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