Updates to Interactive Achievement

There have been some changes to the Interactive Achievement Program, the program Roanoke County uses for Formative Assessment.  Luckily, the folks at IA have provided some great handouts to show how to use the updated features.  To find them, login with your IA account.  You will now need to use your whole email address as your login (your password will be the same).

Then, click on “What’s New” in the top right-hand corner.

Next, click on a topic.   A handout will open for the topic.

The ITRTs have also updated the how-to handouts for IA.  You can find them here:

Assessment Library

Assigning Tests

Creating Class Lists

Print Test Session Lists


Starting and Ending a Test


Finally, don’t forget that our system pays for support from IA, and it’s available to anyone who needs it.  Just click the ? in the top right corner.