End of the Year Procedures (RCPS Teachers Only)

Here’s all the info I’ve sent out in emails over the past couple of week regarding End of the Year Procedures.  If you have questions, check here first.  :)



Tracbook (SOL cards) info:

Make sure sure you log into Tracbook, NOT OnTrac.  You have to change tabs before logging in. http://www.interactiveachievement.com/Teacher-Login/VA-TRACbookA couple of people have been asking for a refresher on TracBook (for SOL cards).  I’m attaching the handout in case you have lost it. I think it will really help you out if you take a look.  The trickiest things to remember are:

  • There are no classes.  Just search for each student using the blue tab to the left.
  • You can find SOL cards under the Achievement Records Tab
  • Some people find it easier to use Tab and type the number than using the mouse.
  • Login with your email address and the password you set up at training.  If you don’t remember your password, use the “forgot my password” link on the login page.
  • Third grade must print these.  K-2 printing is determined by your principal (see them for clarification).
  • If you save all of your pdfs to a folder as you go along, you can then open up the folder, press Ctrl+A (select  ll) and then Ctrl+P (print), and all of your pdfs will print to your default printer.  Just step back and let your computer do it’s thing….

Tracbook Handout


I have set up 2-3 computers in each of the following locations for you to use to enter Starbase Grades beginning Friday, May school_a_plus31st.  If starbase is not on your computer, or it does not work  correctly on your computer, use one of the stations.  Here are important things to know:

  • You have to be inside our network to use Starbase.
  • Special Area teachers and K-5 teachers have to enter grades in Starbase.
  • If starbase is not on your computer, or it does not work  correctly on your computer, use one of the stations.
  • Directions are located by each computer or below.

Starbase Station Locations at GES, OGE, and CBE (computers with yellow or orange stars)

  • Computer Lab 1
  • Computer Lab 2
  • Library

Starbase Handouts:

Login info:

  • Login: School # 3 letters of last name first initial (OGE-54; CBE-45, GES-48)
  • Password:  (same for everyone)–see your computer coordinator or secretary or ask someone

Remember, the window for entering grades will not be open until Friday, May 31.  No, it will not work before then.

Summer Laptop Checkout

If you are transferring to another school next year, retiring, or otherwise leaving RCPS, I will need to collect your laptop and all accessories (docking station, keyboard, mouse, & 2 power cords) prior to you leaving on last teacher work day.  Please email me so we can make arrangements!

If you are returning to the same school next year and want to use your laptop over the summer, your original agreement allows for this.  If you’d prefer not to take your laptop home over the summer, please email your computer coordinator or I so we can make arrangements to store your laptop in a safe area for the summer.

school_joyNew Laptops Next Year (Glenvar and Clearbrook Only)

Exciting news… New teacher laptops are being ordered this summer!    Yay!!! You have this summer to start thinking about how you can be ready to make the transition when we come back next year.

Be aware that you will turn in your old laptop as well as all accessories (docking station, two/three power cords, a keyboard, mouse, and speakers) when the new laptops arrive.

Make arrangements to back up your Internet Explorer Favorites as well as any documents that are stored in locations other than the My Documents folder prior to the date that the new laptops are distributed. Anything in My Documents should be available to you as soon as you sync the new laptop in your school building. If you have been ignoring a My Documents message folder that says “Server Disk is full” during synchronization, please take care of that problem before you transition to the new laptop.  Teachers will not be allowed to keep the D630s once the new laptops have been distributed.

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, this link gives step-by-step directions about how to export and import Favorites. Please let your computer coordinator or me know if you need help.

Also, make a list of any personal software that is important to you on your D630. For example, you may want to add printer software for your home printer. This will help you remember what was important to you so that you can install it on your new laptop.

schools_out (1)



Pinterest Folks to Follow!

Pinterest Logo

By now, many of us have heard of  Pinterest.  For me, it took me awhile to “get it,” but now that I have, it’s been a place I go often for teaching tips, recipes, decorating suggestions, and so on.  There are some great resources out there for teachers!  Here are some of the ones I follow for good ideas:

Here are some suggestions for using Pinterest as a teacher:

If there’s anyone I’ve missed that you enjoy, please leave a post and let me know!

Do You Have a Class Website?

I believe that in today’s world of technology every teacher should have a web presence–a way for parents, students, and others to learn more about their class.  If you don’t, here are some quick and easy ways to start a class webpage.  Once you have it finished, be sure to let your schools’ webmaster know so they can link to your site from your school’s website.  Also let your parents know.  You’ll be amazed at how happy they will be to have a way to find out information about their child’s classroom!  A class site will also give you space to show off all those great technology projects you’ve been doing this year!!

So here’s a few of my favorites:


If you want to blog (great if you plan on updating content frequently), here’s some great choices.  I’ve included examples, but please know you don’t have to be that elaborate.  It’s fine to start off with just text! 


Edublogs allows you to create a teacher blog (like this one).  You have lots of options for themes, and while you can stick to text, you can also embed lots of things into your blog.  *This does cost $40 to turn off ads, but I may be able to help with this.  Let me know if you choose this route.*  Here’s an example of a 2nd grade class blog using edublogs 


Classblogmeister is my favorite way to blog with students because it’s free and very, very safe.  It’s a little clunky if you are just creating a teacher blog, but super for kids. Here’s an example of a Kindergarten class blog using classblogmeister.


Blogger is not my favorite way to create a blog because of the “Next Blog” button at the top of site which could lead your students to who knows what…but there are ways to turn that off.  And it’s really easy.  If you want to do a blogger blog, let me know, and I’ll give you the directions for disbling that pesky button at the top.  Here’s an example of a Kindergarten class blog using blogger.

Wikis and Website Builders

Want something a little more permanent?  Try a wiki or a website:


Want more of a static webpage?  Try a wiki!  Wiki means “quick” in Hawaiian, and wikis are quick ways to make a website.  My favorite is wikispaces.  They offer ad free wikis for teachers.  Here’s an example of a fourth grade classroom page created with wikispaces.


Weebly is a super simple webpage creator.  I know lots of teachers that use this service!  Here’s one example of a classroom website made with Weebly.

Google Sites 

Google sites also lets you create a simple webpage.  All you need is a google account (which is great to have for lots of reasons!)  Here’s an example of a classroom site made with google sites.

Here are some other sites I’ve briefly viewed, but have not used extensively.  If you choose any of these, check and see where links on these pages go, and check for ads.  They appear to be okay at first glance, but it’s always good to check frequently since webservices sometimes change.