Creating Your Own Discovery Education Account

Many of our teachers use  Discovery Education (United Streaming) videos on a regular basis.  Some use the generic school account, but did you know you could have your very own account?   Teachers with their own accounts can save the materials that they use in their own library – making it much easier to find next year. To create your account, you will need your school code (your ITRT knows this).  Then visit .

Step 1: Click on the Passcode/New User Tab.

Step 2: Type in the school Passcode.  Your ITRT has this number.

Step 3:  Follow the prompts to set up your Discovery Education account.


You can also follow this webcast that Meg Swecker created:

Creating a Discovery Education Account

I’ll post more soon about using this great resource! :)



Quizdom PRS (Clickers) Tutorials

I know lots of teachers have wanted to use the Quizdom Personal Response System (clickers) this year but haven’t found the time to sit down and “play around” with the software. The software is installed on teacher laptops, so if you want to look at it over the summer (or just remember this post for next year), the Quizdom website contains some step-by-step tutorials you can check out to help. An example of one is below.  To see more, click here.

When visiting the site, I suggest you focus on the tutorials under in the middle of the page:

Please let you know if you create anything! It would be nice to gather a collection of Quizdom activities to be used across the division!