Virtual Manipulatives

virtualmanipulatives1I found this great math site by Glencoe on a blog I recently started following, InTech InSights by Karen Ogen.  I am always looking for ways to practice the online tools that are similar to those used in testing, and this site has both a ruler (which doesn’t have the zero line at the end) and a protractor.  Not only is is great for testing, there are tons of other manipulatives, workmats, storyboards, and game mats available (Base Ten blocks and boards, balance activities, calendars, grids, clocks, money, shapes, spinners, thermometers, counters, fraction pieces, and a bunch of other items).  The site is great for PK-8th grade, and will work well on the ActivBoard!  Check it out!virtualmanipulatives2

ActivBoard Tips from iLearn Technology

iLearn Technology is one of my favorite blogs to find quick articles on the newest trends in edtech.  Kelly Tenkely, the author, is a K-5 technology specialist/teacher, and I find many of her posts to tie directly to similiar things I work on as an ITRT.  I highly recommend it.

In a recent visit to her blog, I noticed she has a whole page of Promethean Quick Tips.  Currently she has 15 listed.  Here are the ones that taught me something new:

She has more where that came from…Drag a Copy, Downloading Resource Packs, Using WallWisher, and more.  Check out all the Promethean Quicktips by clicking here.  Thanks, Kelley, for such a great resource!

Exciting News: ActivExpressions!!

ExpressionsA set of ActivExpressions will be arriving at Oak Grove, Clearbrook, and Glenvar Elementary.  I’m so excited for you and your students!!  The ActivExpressions work much like the ActiVotes, BUT they also include features that allow you to ask more than just multiple choice questions.  Now, using the Expressions, students can “text” in answers…and do things like put a series of items in order, or rate something on a Likert scale.  The kids are going to love them!

I have a flipchart which I’ve altered (Debbie Dawson created the orginal form) that we can use to introduce both you and your students to the ActivExpressions.  After you get an idea of how they work, I also have directions for creating your own activities!!  If you are interested in having me come into your room with the Expressions, just send me an email and let me know.