QR Craze

You’ve seen them, right?  On the corners of mailings, on the windows of businesses, maybe even on the tags of things you buy.  You may have even used them…used your phone to scan one and get coupons or reviews for a business or more info on a product.  But did you know they are being used like crazy in classrooms?

Here’s one of my favorite videos about the use of QR codes in the classroom.

And here’s one based more for elementary school:

So basically to use QR codes, you need the following things:

  • QR Code Generator (usually a website that will easily make the code for you)
  • A device with a camera to read it(iPod touch, iPad, cell phone, or computer with webcam)
  • QR Code Reader (which you download to the device with a camera

Want to create a QR code?  It’s easy…your students can even do this!

Here’s a few QR Code generators:

Here a few QR Code Readers:

And here are some cool links to use them:

And here are some ideas for using QR Codes in the classroom:




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  2. This is fantastic. I have been looking for ways in which to use in QR codes in my class. I teach 7th and 8th grade Mathematics and I got some great ideas from this article on what to do with my kids.

  3. Teaching with Technology – QR Craze
    Learning about QR codes and how they are being utilized in classrooms was exciting and enjoyable to watch. I can really see some of the applications of this form of technology to engage students in critical thinking. The ease at which the students utilized the technology was encouraging. It is a learning technology application ready for the next generations of learners.

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