Apps!! (Some places to find educational ones)

appsI’ve had a few questions lately about places to find good apps for the ipod touch, ipad, or iphone.  Here are a few places I start when looking for new apps:

IEAR (I Education Apps Review) — This is the first place I look to find apps that have been reviewed by educators.  You can use the links on the left side to narrow your search.

Learning in Hand – Tony Vincent has some great tips, tricks, and links for using ipod touches. Be sure to explore the rest of the site.

Learning Continuity – You can sort apps by discipline and cost here.

iNtouch School — Great resource about using ipod touches in the classroom.  Be sure to explore the rest of the site.

AppShopper – (make sure to use the search features on this site to help narrow your search)

Speech-Language Pathology Sharing – Eric Sailers often writes about ipodtouch apps and how they can be used in special education.  Really, though, many of the things he writes about can be used across all levels.

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  1. Another good App is called Sparkvue. It uses a tool called Air Link, which measures things such as mass, motion, tension, and speed. How it works is Air Link has motion sensors set up to measure one of the previously mentioned items. For example, let’s use a ball rolling down a path. your motion sensors would measure how fast your ball was rolling at a certain point. Then Air Link would send this data to your iPod touch, or iPad, through the App Sparkvue. After your data is collected from many runs, then Sparkvue will graph your data for you! I’m not sure if that makes any sense, but it really is a great App!

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