Picture Books for the Smartboard on Lookybook

A group of technology educators on Twitter have been passing around this great site for Early Readers on the Smartboard. It’s called LookyBook, and it presents picture books in a format that you can use on the Smartboard (or any computer, really). Here’s an thumbnail example I felt was appropriate for this time of year. Click on the book once to turn pages and twice to see the larger version on the Lookbook Website.

Using the Smartboard, you can present a picture book in a way that all children can see it easily (or allow them to present it), AND you can WRITE on the book. Cirlce rhyming words, highlight descriptive words, pick out punctuation…all using the Smartboard pens. *The writing in a few of the books is pretty small, so you’ll have to check them out first to see if this will work.*

Another neat feature is that the site will allow you to customize your own virtual bookshelf where you can store your favorite stories. Currently there are over 300 books to choose from, but more are being added every day.

Check it out here!

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  1. Thanks for the great site. I had missed this link on Twitter. At one of my schools the PTA bought us two mobile Smart Boards. So I looking looking looking for resources and LookyBook “looks” great!

  2. This is great! I have an ELMO and like to show books on that, but often the pages are too glossy and there is a bad reflection, or I can’t zoom out to the right spot, so this is a great site for sharing picture books!

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